What Does Petplan Insurance Cover?

Cover for the treatment costs for Veterinary Fees attributed to accidents, injuries or illnesses which may happen to your pet, providing they occurred after taken out insurance with Petplan. There is a 21 day waiting on the treatment of any illness. I.e. any illness that occurs within the first 21 days of cover is excluded, but accidents are covered immediately when cover is taken out.

Petplan Australasia has ‘Covered For Life®’ Insurance for the life of your Pet.

The number of times you can claim for the same illness in fact is unlimited; enabling you to give your animal the very best in veterinary care regardless of how much it costs.  However, the amount for which you can claim in any one year is normally capped on an annual basis to the maximum amount stated in the policy.

Excess fees will of course apply to any claims made - On Petplan Covered For Life® pet insurance the excess is payable per condition (Illness), per policy year.  Remember with a Covered For Life® policy, you get what you pay for - life long pet insurance cover that is a comprehensive policy that will cover your pet’s conditions for life!

Petplan is the only Pet Insurer in New Zealand offering “Covered For Life®” policies*.  *Correct at the time of publication.

Yes Petplan will cover the costs of hereditary and congenital disorders as long as the pet has not shown clinical signs of the condition prior to cover commencing or within the 21 day waiting period.

Petplan does not cover any of the costs of the routine, preventative or elective care of your pets.

Petplan does offer cover for the life of your pet your pet remains covered as long as you continue to renew the policy every year.

On Petplan’s genuine “Covered for Life” insurance policies, cover can start from 8 weeks of age and must be before their 8th birthday and if your dog is a select breed the insurance must begin before their 5th birthday.  Once on cover, we will continue to cover them right through until either you cancel the cover or your pet passes  on.  While the age of your pet does affect the number of claims we pay (Pets over 10 yrs are more likely to have claims) we will strive to ensure our premiums not unfair or unrealistic.

We will cover for illnesses for which a vaccine is available i.e., kennel cough, parvo virus, herpes virus or lepto, providing your pet has been vaccinated and the vaccination is current.

Yes Petplan will cover the cost of diagnostics even if a diagnosis is not made, unlike our competitors cover.

NO, insurance is for the unknown and unforseen, therefore no company will cover for something that has occurred prior to taking out cover. Any accident, injury or illness which has already happened to your pet prior to cover commencing this is classed as “pre-existing”. Petplan will only accept liability for an accident or *illness which has occurred after you have taken out Insurance Cover with Petplan Australasia. (*a 21 day waiting period applies on illnesses)

YES Petplan covers alternative treatments and therapies and we are also the only Pet Insurance Company that covers treatment for behavioural issue.

Petplan is the only insurance company which will cover the costs if your pet was to develop a behavioural condition such as separation anxiety

Yes we will cover the costs of the treatment of cancer such as chemotherapy*.
(* We do not cover the costs of transplant surgery or stem cell treatments.)

Yes Petplan will cover pet anywhere within New Zealand and for up to 30 days whilst in New Zealand.

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