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You are required to submit a claim within 12 months of the date the accident, injury or illness occurred.

Petplan has a current processing time of 21 to 30 business days this is dependent on all information being available e.g. full veterinary history, claims filled in correctly.

If you choose not to vaccinate your Pet that is your choice but if the pet was to then get an illness for which a vaccine is available you would not be able to claim for the costs of the treatment as you have not taken all steps to prevent the illness.
If you pet is not vaccinated it will not affect you claiming for an unrelated illness.

Petplan offers reimbursement of 100% of your out of pocket expenses minus your selected excess which is payable per condition per policy year.
If you select our Pet%share option you will be reimbursed 75% of your out of pocket expenses minus the $100.00 excess.

Whether you have a cat insurance or dog insurance policy, you must take reasonable steps to maintain your pet's health throughout the policy year and to prevent injury, illness and loss. Therefore you must arrange and pay for your pet to have an annual dental examination by a vet in order to prevent illness or injury. By continuing with these check-ups this shows us that you have played your part in caring for your dog or cat, so we can play ours. This also includes having annual vaccinations and check-ups.

As a responsible pet insurer we wouldn't do anything to discourage our customers from getting their dog, cat or horse treated when they are unwell or injured. It is for this reason that we do not have a 'no claims discount', as it may encourage people not to seek vet treatment for fear of losing their ‘no claims discount’.

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