Benefits of Pet Insurance

Many owners consider our pets and horses as an integral part of the family. However, it can come as quite a shock when it comes to paying for their unexpected and expensive vet bills. At Petplan, we are committed to the welfare and enjoyment of pets. Pet Insurance is for peace of mind knowing that you can focus on the health of your pet rather than the cost of the bills. What are the benefits of Petplan Pet Insurance for you?

  • Pet Insurance is a way of budgeting for the unexpected.
  • Petplan offers a range of covers to suit your needs.
  • Get a quote within 1 minute and activate your insurance policy.
  • Pet Insurance is claimed more often than car and home insurance with 1 in 3 owners making an unexpected trip to the vets (source. Petplan UK)
  • If your pet is ill or involved in an accident, they will be able to receive the best treatment to make them healthy again.
  • Petplan can offer a reward to the finder if your pet is lost or stolen.
  • Pet Insurance also covers the cost of boarding kennels/catteries if you are hospitalised.
  • Petplan offers third party coverage if your dog causes any damage or injury to a person or property.