Date: 25/02/17

Kipu's Story


David Goldstein's beloved 3 year old pug Kipu suffered hind-limb paralysis - which, along with the mental and physical stress, also left David with a vet bill of over $8500 for treatment!

In November last year, David noticed Kipu was off his food and wouldn’t even eat chicken, which was unusual. So he was taken to the vet, who suspected sore tummy and/or sore spine. But by the evening of the same day, Kipu was showing signs of hindlimb ataxia, and had developed hindlimb paralysis the next morning!

He was then referred to specialists who performed a myelogram and deduced that Kipu had intervertebral disk disease. A decompression surgery was performed and Kipu has been having regular hydrotherapy sessions since.

The expense so far has exceeded $8500, but thankfully Kipu was insured with Petplan, relieving David of at least the financial aspect of the distress. We hope that both Kipu and David recover from the physical and the emotional stress very soon!

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