Date: 25/02/17

Evie's Story


Evie's Story

Petplan paid $7,489

Evie is our beloved family cat. Six weeks ago she was hit by a car, and we were told the only options were to put her down, or to have costly surgery to reattach her pelvis. Luckily, we didn't have to make that decision, as we knew Pet Plan would come through in situations such as this. Evie spent two weeks being looked after full time by the team at Veterinary Specialist Group - the best vet care around. Knowing that the bills were covered kept a massive weight from our shoulders, and meant that we could focus on Evie's recovery. The team at Pet Plan were fantastic - sympathetic and understanding, they kept us informed of the claim the whole way through, and promptly paid out. Without Pet Plan, Evie wouldn't be here with us today.

Thank you!
Eli, Haley and Evie, Auckland

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