Direct Debit Agreement


  • "Account" means the bank of financial institution nominated by you in you DDR and where your account is held.
  • "Bank" means the bank or financial institution nominated by you in your DDR and where you account is held.
  • "DDR" or "Direct Debit Request" means the authority and request given by you to us to debit instalments to your account.
  • "Instalments" means each premium instalment payable by you to us under the terms of the policy the dates identified in the premium instalment advice.
  • "Policy" means the contract of insurance between you and us and includes the premium instalment advice.
  • "Premium Instalment Advice" means the premium instalment advice provided or to be provided to you by us and setting out details of the instalments.
  • "Signature" includes your oral consent by telephone or any written or electronic methods permitted by law at the relevant time as being able to be used to identify a person and indicates that person’s approval of the information communicated, in a manner binding on that person.
  • "You/Your" means the person or persons making the direct debit request in the DDR.
  • "We/us means Petplan (ABN 64 069 468 542) User Identification No: 260684.


  • We will provide you with a written copy of the DDR and obtain your signature to the DDR prior to drawing the drawing the first instalment.
  • Subject to clause 2.1, we will draw the first instalment on or about the first instalment date set out in the Premium Instalment Advice. We will draw any subsequent instalments on or about the due dates identified on the Premium Instalment Advice.
  • Where the due date falls on a non-business day, we will draw the instalment on or about the next business day.
  • Where an instalment is dishonoured by the Bank, we reserve the right to draw that instalment and the next instalment on the next instalment due date. We reserve the right to cancel this Agreement, the DDR and the policy (including your coverage under it) without notice to you if your Bank dishonours more than one instalment.
  • If any instalment is dishonoured, we are entitled to seek reimbursement from you of any fees we incur.
  • We will keep all information you give us relating to you Account private and confidential.
  • We will provide you with 14 days written notice if we propose to vary any terms of this Agreement or the DDR, including the amount or frequency of the instalment.


  • By giving your Signature to the DDR, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement and the DDR.
  • You must ensure that sufficient funds are available in your Account to meet a drawing of an instalment on its due date.
  • You must ensure that the authorisation you give to us under the DDR is identical to any Account signing instruction held by your Bank.
  • You must advise us if your Account is transferred or closed. 3.5 You may terminate the DDR and this Agreement, or stop payment of an instalment under the DDR and the Agreement, at any time by giving written notice to us at least 14 business days prior to the due date of the next instalment. If you terminate the DDR and this Agreement without making alternative payment arrangements with us we can cancel you Policy without notice to you.

Please note: Direct debiting is not avilable for all accounts. If in doubt please contact your bank or financial institution.